Family Testimonials


“It is incredibly rewarding to see my father enjoying himself, being his old sociable self, making jokes and singing harmonies and being creative; it’s like his dementia just disappears in this group. I have seen a massive transformation in him from the start of the project until now.” —- Family Carer

“the choir is now built into my week; I really wouldn’t miss it for the world” — Person with dementia


“As a volunteer who walks and talks each week with a person with dementia, I have certainly gained a great deal; having become fitter than I would expect at my age; having gained a good friend; having gained an informed insight into some of the effects just one stage and form of a condition close to many thousands in our area.” — Volunteer


“The project has been a lifeline to us, a godsend”. — Family Carer

“These things don’t happen by themselves. They have to be orchestrated. Without the project, my sister would definitely have been in a nursing home by now or even died. Instead, she is living a supported, independent life that’s full of meaning.” — Family Carer

Carer’s Events

“It’s good to meet people who are going through the same experience – I now have contacts, people I can ring. It’s through other people’s stories that you can pick up things. If I need information, I call the project team.” — Family Carer

Activity Group

“It is fantastic. So enjoyable- it’s a safe place.” — Person with dementia