• Personal Alarm

    Personal Alarm

    Can be worn around the neck or wrist
    Should the wearer come into difficulty, they can press the button to raise an alarm with the monitoring company or a nominated carer

  • Pager


    Sensors can be linked directly to carer pager
    Will alert (vibrate and/or alarm) once a sensor has been activated
    For example, if someone gets up from the chair, the sensor mat will alert the carer pager
    Useful if someone is prone to falls

  • Wireless Movement Sensor

    Wireless Movement Sensors

    Work in conjunction with specific sensors
    Detect movement or lack of movement
    Raises alarm if concern is detected

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Useful if people are concerned that gas maybe left on
    Linked to the monitoring centre to raise alarm immediately if dangerous gases are detected.

  • Property Exit Sensor

    Property Exit Sensor

    Alerts if a person has left the front door.
    Useful if wandering is a concern.
    Can be set to a timed delay e.g if someone pops outside regularly for five minutes, delay can be set to accommodate this.
    Can alert monitoring centre or appointed responder.

  • Pivotell Medication Reminder

    Pivotell Medication Reminder

    Can be linked to the telecare system
    Can alert monitoring centre or appointed responder if medication has not been taken
    Automatically dispenses pills at pre-set times (28 compartments)
    Self locking shutter
    LCD display indicates if pills have been taken and how many are left
    Spare trays can be ordered
    Battery operated

    Where to buy:

  • Flood Detector

    Flood Detector

    Linked to the monitoring centre or appointed responder
    Detects floods
    Useful if someone is prone to leaving the taps on

  • Chair Occupancy Sensor

    Chair Occupancy Sensor

    Alerts immediately when the user has gotten up from their chair
    For use when there’s a concern of falls
    Can be linked to a pager
    Immediate notification sent to carer

  • Bed Occupancy Sensor

    Bed Occupancy Sensor

    Alternative to bed sensor mat
    For use with standar bed (not hospital bed)
    Alerts if someone has gotten out of bed
    Useful when falls or wandering are a concern

  • Sensor Mat

    Sensor Mat

    Can be used on bed/chair/floor
    Alerts if someone shifts their weight from the mat e.g someone gets out of bed/off the chair
    Useful if falls or wandering are a concern
    Can alert monitoring centre or a named responder

  • Falls Detector

    Falls Detector

    For use when falls are a concern
    Worn around the neck
    Detects rapid falls against gravity
    Alerts the wearer when it has been activated
    Contacts the monitoring centre or identified responder

  • Temperature Extremes

    Temperature Extremes

    Monitors for excessively high or low temperatures
    Linked to monitoring centre when alert has been raised
    Useful for those who may forget to turn on or off the heating

  • Smoke Detector

    Smoke Detector

    Increases safety at home, if fires may be a concern
    Connected to monitoring centre so that immediate response can be activated if alarm is raised

  • Wireless Heat Detector

    Wireless Heat Detector

    Additional protection against fires where smoke detectors are unsuitable
    Raises alarm when temperature rises rapidly
    Connects to monitoring centre for active response
    Useful if someone might leave the cooker on, or a pan on the hob

  • Telecare


    Linked to all the relevant telecare sensors
    Communicates to the monitoring centre or to an appointed responder
    Raises the alarm if a concern has been registered
    Required for telecare packages to work
    Plugs into the landline or can be operated on sim card

  • Bogus Call Button

    Bogus Call Button

    Used when answering the door to an unknown caller or if you feel uncomfortable during interaction
    Creates a silent call to the monitoring centre
    Once button is pressed, monitoring centre will listen to determine if more action is required.

Some Providers of telecare:

Emergency Response
Tel: 1850 248 999

Alarm Medical
Tel: 091 384 513

01 843 5889


Independent Living
Tel: 0906 492702

Silent alert (for persons with low hearing)
Tel: 2479007