• Enabling Dementia Friendly Environments

    Enabling Dementia Friendly Environments

    Books to guide on the design of outdoor spaces to help people with dementia engage with nature.

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  • Tablets


    There are a huge variety of apps for both the person with dementia and their carer
    App’s can be hobby related, e.g. cards, gardening, art, music, sport, etc.
    App’s could be support orientated, e.g. information on dementia, support for carer’s, etc.

  • Memory Box

    Memory Box

    A box dedicated to collecting objects, memorabilia, or photo’s that are connected to someone’s past.
    The idea is that the box draws on earlier memories, which tend to be those that people with dementia retain best.
    Helps those with dementia recall their past which in turn might stimulate more recent memories and their cognitive abilities.

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  • Talking Photo Albums

    Talking Photo Albums

    Voice Recordable Photo Album with 20 pages. Useful for reminiscence or life story work
    Add photo’s and record a message with each 6 minutes of speech or music, 18 seconds per page.
    Batteries required
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    Tel: 0044 179 427 8327

  • Books and DVDs

    Books and DVDs

    A collection of books and DVDs to encourage reminiscence and provide an enjoyable shared activity.
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  • Easy Universal Remote Control

    Easy Universal Remote Control

    Universal remote control that works on all major brands of TV, DVD, Stereo, Digital set top boxes and Sky.
    This remote is easy to set up.
    Large buttons
    For use for people with memory difficulties, poor coordination or partially sighted.
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    Tel: 0044 173 337 5400

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  • One Button Radio

    One Button Radio

    For use for people with memory difficulties, poor coordination or partially sighted.
    Set to preferred station, volume and tone before fastening the secure cover.
    The radio is then operated by the yellow button.

    Where to buy:
    Tel: 0044 1225 824 103

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