Carers Information events

Family carers are invited to information events which are held every 6-8 weeks. The purpose of each event is to:

  • Provide information (by guest speaker(s))
  • Promote discussion and sharing of information (at each table and in the wider group)
  • Capture feedback to drive the project (through table facilitators).

“Before the project, I would never have told people that my husband had dementia. The carer’s events made me comfortable to use the language and know how to ask family and friends how to really help”– Family member

The events are structured in a small round-table format where each table is facilitated by a clinician or person connected to the project and involved in dementia care. Download a schedule of events for 2015

If there is a topic you would like us to cover please Contact Us.

To find out more, please contact the Living Well with Dementia office on 01 706 0100.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – or Memory Gym

Living Well with Dementia has piloted a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) group for people with mild to moderate dementia. Devised by a clinical psychologist in the UK, CST involves a series of themed, group activity sessions designed to help people strengthen their cognitive capacity. The sessions, which are delivered by an experienced healthcare professional, aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social benefits of a group. Participants must be referred by a Public Health Nurse (PHN) or GP.

To find our more please contact the Living Well with Dementia office on 01 706 0100.

Intensive Family Carer Training programme

In Spring 2014, Living Well with Dementia co-ordinated a 6-week family carer training programme. St Johns of Gods Hospital kindly donated the venue and 15 family members participated each week. The programme covered :

  • Practical Steps to Managing Personal Care
  • Promoting Independence (Aids and Appliances)
  • Supporting a Person with Dementia to Eat & Drink Well
  • First Aid for Carers of People with Dementia
  • Caring for the Carer & Stress Management

To find our more please contact the Living Well with Dementia office on 01 706 0100.

Nutrition and Cooking Programme

(Supporting Good Nutrition for a Person with Dementia and their Carer)

In response to requests from family members, Living Well with Dementia organised a Healthy Food Made Easy programme for family carers.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Encourage healthy eating for the person with dementia & their carer
  • Support healthy & nutritious food choices
  • To shop for & plan balanced healthy menus
  • To reduce diet-related illness.

Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, participants had the opportunity to plan, prepare and enjoy some healthy snacks and meals together. A dietician attended one week to answer specific questions.

“the cooking course rejuvenated my interest in cooking. I have started doing regular but small scale entertaining which appears to have been well received by J_(who has dementia). The course also triggered a review by me of some of our social activities. The point here is that the cooking renewal led me to embark on other initiatives, probably far from the learning objectives of the course designers, but significant nonetheless from the aspect of living well with dementia.” – Family Carer

To find out more, please contact the Living Well with Dementia office on 01 706 0100.