• Binatone PB10 Picture Dialler

    Binatone PB10 Picture Dialler

    Useful for those with memory difficulties, poor vision or dexterity
    Operates on its own or can be connected to any home phone
    12 Photo Direct Dial Buttons
    Hands-free speaker phone with volume control
    Battery back up
    Ringer on/off switch.
    Where to buy:

  • Talking Mats

    Talking Mats

    Communication tool for when communication is difficult
    Package contains book, DVD and a mat
    This tool was developed by speech therapists and researched with dementia clients
    Evidence has shown that this tool enhances the reliability of information given by the person with dementia, their engagement has been noted to improve and conversations lasted longer with less repetition
    Mat can be photographed and included in care-plans.
    Where to buy:
    Training courses run in Ireland: £160 – £250, includes packages as part of the course.

  • Choices


    This tool aids people when communication is difficult. Helps to identify clients own preferences for: food, clothes, activities, environment, gender of carers, etc.
    There are 60 cards for food with photographs
    Useful for nursing homes, mats can be photographed and included in care-plans
    Includes DVD and short instruction booklet
    Where to buy:
    Tel: 0041 554 8447

  • Photodect Big Button Picture Memory Cordless Phone

    Photodect Big Button Picture Memory Cordless Phone

    Loud Ringer
    10 Large pictures, that will dial direct to who the picture represents
    Phonebook with up to 50 numbers
    Good for people with memory difficulties or poor coordination
    Where to buy:

    Tel + 44 845 121 8111

  • Doro Simple Mobile Telephone

    Doro Simple Mobile Telephone

    Easy to use Mobile Phone with large buttons
    Useful for those with memory difficulties, poor coordination or partially sighted
    Can dial four identified people, labelled A, B, C and D, with their corresponding name (supplied with sticky labels to write in four names)
    Has an SOS button that can call Emergency Services, can be deactivated
    It has an emergency call key on the back that will send emergency text message to pre entered numbers.
    Where to buy:

    Tel: 1890 344 344

    Alternatives available from:
    Tel : +44 24 7642 2224
    Tel + 44 845 121 8111