Living Well with Dementia invites all members of our community – schools, clubs, businesses and neighbours- to contribute to making Stillorgan and Blackrock a dementia-friendly community. Throughout 2014, the LWwD team will be working across the community to raise awareness about dementia, reduce stigma and involve the support of many.
What is a dementia-friendly Community?
For an individual a community means a sense of belonging, involvement, support and feeling valued while accessing social interactions, resources, physical structures.

When a person develops dementia they frequently withdraw from the community they have known all their lives for fear of getting lost, confused, not recognising neighbours or not finding the correct change for groceries. Yet it is these daily interactions with shops, neighbours, clubs which can counter-act the isolation associated with dementia.

All members of the community (business, groups, clubs, schools, services) can help make Stillorgan-Blackrock age and dementia-friendly.

Please watch this short movie clip about Dementia-Friendly Communities

Examples of dementia-friendly actions:

As a citizen in our community:

  • Bring someone with dementia who can no longer drive to church or the shop
  • When attending your local golf/GAA/retirement club, offer to act as a buddy for a neighbour who has lapsed due to dementia
  • Maintain your friendship with someone who has dementia. Through reminiscence friendships can be maintained
  • Being a good neighbour (engage with you neighbour who has dementia and keep an eye out in case they get lost).
  • Volunteer with Living Well with Dementia to bring someone with dementia to the shops or hairdressers etc.

As a Business

  • Consider how your business accommodates customers who may have dementia, in terms of lay-out, lighting, seating, noise.
  • Identify staff who would receive dementia- awareness training. Living Well with Dementia is happy to provide in-house staff training as part of your customer care programme.

As a Community Group (club, residents association)

  • Become dementia-aware. Living Well with Dementia would be delighted office to provide training and support.
  • Consider members who may have left due to a diagnosis of dementia. Living Well with Dementia would be happy to help you develop a buddy system to encourage people with dementia to remain in or return to a club.

As a School

  • Allocate time within your curriculum to raise awareness about aging and dementia. Living Well with Dementia are happy to offer a series of talks.
  • A number of schools already support the Living Well with Dementia project by providing TY students or facilities to support our events. To these we are extremely grateful.

For more information, please contact the LWwD office on 01 706 0100.